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June 22, 2008


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Ethan Bauley

One of Umair's most slept-on greatest hits is the "Markets, Networks and Communities Briefing (with Innovaro)" that's posted on Bubblegeneration.

I had to read it a few times at various points over the last 18 months to really get where he was going with it. Since then it's provided some very useful heuristics for designing businesses, marketing strategies, business models, etc.

Marc Hustvedt

I had it forwarded to me a while back and have been meaning to give it a more serious look. Great point on Wikipedia: "Wikipedia is radical because, by using a
community, it has hit upon the fact that communities can organize the production of knowledge resources more efficiently and often than core-focused firms – an innovation that open-source software innovators pioneered."

Thanks Ethan for the link to Bubblegeneration, I added them to my blogroll and Reader.


Ethan Bauley

I'm glad that was useful!

If I were to distill down a lot of his ~2006 work, it would be: firms aren't that productive; firms should instead create or maintain markets, networks, or communities to create maximum value.

As he said in a BGen post, these are the new bottlenecks in the network economy.

If you buy into that, there are is a whole host of implications that he's gone into.

In general, the science and passion that he brings to network econ and strategy has been really inspiring for me.

To connect this back to your original post, check out this 6/24/08 Washington Post article on Al-qaeda's Internet strategy...I'm completely dumbfounded. A truly awesome story:


Organize the world's freedom?

- Ethan

Paolo Piccolo

Greetings from Italy, a different point of view on the same line.
Since first industry revolution we all have seen that econimic enviroment needs some time to move new tools to a productive way. The point is that now timeframe is quite short to absorbe all these tools because new ones come over quickly.
Moreover there is human mindset. Every time we have an inflection point in some areas (like economy but also scientific discoveries) we (human race i mean) need to have the right thoughts to support this changement.
However this post looks like a good contribution to this mind reasearch.


This is a fantastic and long-overdue discussion. What many of these internet-specific questions really get to is what should be the larger purpose of software. What human values should software embody, and how should developers then integrate those values into code?



I very much like Rob's question "what should be the larger purpose of software." I hope that the ecosystemic nature of internet development will point to some answers. However, as much as ecology is an apt metaphor for digital community - in its dynamic development and organic integration of ideas in (often serendipitous) boundary moments/objects/events, there continues to be a tension between the ubiquity of software and the reality of experience, a tension which is ignored by many - how do we engage the palpable existence of the world we are trying to "save" without knowing it?


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